Architects of the West Kingdom

  • Anzahl der Spieler 1 bis 5 Spieler
  • Alter Ab 12 Jahren
  • Spieldauer ca. 60 bis 90 Minuten
  • Autor Shem Phillips

Verlag Garphill Games


Sofort versandfertig, Lieferzeit ca. 1-2 Werktage

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Produktinformationen "Architects of the West Kingdom"

  • Anzahl der Spieler 1 bis 5 Spieler
  • Alter Ab 12 Jahren
  • Spieldauer ca. 60 bis 90 Minuten
  • Autor Shem Phillips

Architects of the West Kingdom is set at the end of the Carolingian Empire, circa 850 AD. As royal architects, players compete to impress their King and maintain their noble status by constructing various landmarks throughout his newly appointed domain. Players need to collect raw materials, hire apprentices, and keep a watchful eye on their workforce. These are treacherous times, and rival architects will stop at nothing to slow your progress. Will you remain virtuous, or be found in the company of thieves and black marketeers?

The aim of Architects of the West Kingdom is to be the player with the most victory points (VP) at game's end. Points are gained by constructing various buildings and advancing work on the Archbishop's cathedral. Throughout the game, players need to make a lot of moral decisions. However, only at game's end will their virtue be judged. A few underhanded deals here and there might not seem like much, but fall too far and you will be punished. The game ends once a set number of constructions have been completed.


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