CO2 (deutsch)

  • Anzahl der Spieler 1 bis 5 Spieler
  • Alter Ab 12 Jahren
  • Spieldauer ca. 120 Minuten
  • Autor Vital Lacerda

Verlag Giochix.it


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  • Anzahl der Spieler 1 bis 5 Spieler
  • Alter Ab 12 Jahren
  • Spieldauer ca. 120 Minuten
  • Autor Vital Lacerda

In the 1970s, the governments of the world faced unprecedented demand for energy, and pollutive power plants were built everywhere in order to meet that demand. Year after year, the pollution they generate increases, and nobody has done anything to reduce it. Now, the impact of this pollution has become too great, and humanity is starting to realize that we must meet our energy demands through clean sources of energy. Companies with expertise in clean, sustainable energy are called in to propose projects that will provide the required energy without polluting the environment. Regional governments are eager to fund these projects, and to invest in their implementation.

In the game CO2, each player manages an energy company responding to government requests for new, green power plants. The goal is to stop the increase of pollution, while meeting the rising demand for sustainable energy — and of course profiting from doing so. You will need enough expertise, money, and resources to build these clean power plants. Energy summits will promote global awareness, and allow companies to share a little of their expertise, while learning still more from others. Remember, if the pollution isn’t stopped, it’s game over for all of us.

Players will try to stop the increase of pollution by building green power plants, and maintaining sustainable energy growth. If however they are unable to do so, responsibility will fall on the Companies with most expertise in each particular field of clean, sustainable energy, since modern society cannot survive without energy. In the end, whoever controls a specific technology will be the one responsible for its delivery to the various regions. That control brings money and advantages to the Company, but also responsibilities. If the pollution cannot be stopped, companies will suffer the consequences.

Knowledge, money and resources are paramount to obtaining clean and sustainable energy, and to be able to build these much-needed clean energy sources. Bear in mind, though, that every construction project, even one of a clean energy power plant, leaves an ecological footprint.

Each region has a certain number of Carbon Emissions Permits (CEPs) at its disposal. These CEPs are, in fact, pollution permits to be spent whenever there's a need to build additional polluting factories. CEPs these days are worth more than gold. In the game, players will strive for leadership in the green energy sources, since this can bring them the power to control Permits own by world Regions.

Das Spiel hat eine deutsche Regel.


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